About these calendars


This Forest Sangha calendar is associated with the family of monasteries represented by the forestsangha.org website. It has been printed for free distribution each year since 1990 (except 1993). Currently, design and development is based at Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery, Northumberland UK, with typesetting taking place at Sumedharama Buddhist Monastery in Portugal.

Printed calendars

Printed versions of this calendar are usually distributed at most branch monasteries within this community around the time of the annual Kathina festival (October). Some of these monasteries offer to post out copies.

Print at home

For (home) printable versions of this Forest Sangha calendar click here. If you wish to print the calendar for free distribution and would like a hi-res camera-ready PDF, write to secretary@ratanagiri.org.uk. Please note, ‘for free distribution’ does not allow for charging for printing costs. It must be completely free of charge.

Year Planners

Year planners with uposatha dates in PDF and xlsx formats can be found here.


Anumodana to the many friends and supporters who generously make their photographs available for such sangha publications.